Heather 2018 11I have been offering sensible and practical healing guidance as a clinical herbalist, health educator and lecturer for over 30 years. Having dedicated my life to sharing this wealth of knowledge, I’ve assisted thousands in reclaiming their own health process, in giving healing aid to their families and sometimes in becoming professional Herbalists themselves.

If you’d like to read about my schooling, training and experience, click here: Heather’s Bio

In the early 1990’s, I wanted to make quality herbs and natural lifestyle products more available. With this mission in mind and beginning a business plan to open an apothecary, no name seemed just right. Putting the whole thing together with just $2000 that came from selling my car and wanting to avoid the cost of filing a fictitious name, it had to be some portion of my own name. I was living in an 8 foot by 40 foot trailer along a river front, working on the plan when I went to the kitchen to put on the kettle and make some tea for my then-husband, Mr. Thompson. He was working on some carpentry in the next room and also came into the kitchen to put on the kettle to make me some tea. We met at the kettle and asked each other if we wanted tea. Both of us said no. After a good laugh we began to talk about who that is, who stops what they are doing to make tea for someone else, when they aren’t wanting or needing any for themselves. Mrs. Thompson’s business name was born out of that touching moment. Shop Front Spring 2018 Crop

I opened my herb apothecary in a turn of the 20th century house in downtown Eugene Oregon on the autumnal equinox in 1994. Every year we have a celebration of that harvest.

When it came time to create a logo, earlier training as an illustrator came in handy. Thinking about what ultimately brings about healing, brought me to the concept of unifying the male and female aspects that live within each of us, reunifying with nature itself, and doing this all with guidance from spirit. I do hope that you enjoy my business logo and if you’d like to have something with the logo mrs-ts-carry-allson it to enjoy and to remind you, I do put it on canvas carry-all bags, T-shirts and other useful items.

Here’s a secret about all of the wood fixtures in the apothecary. With very few exceptions, most of the wood used to make the fixtures once was another, very different piece of furniture: a headboard for a bed, a piano top, bleachers from a local high school and some was reclaimed from dumpsters. Making a business happen with very little budget is creative and requires allot of elbow-grease. I hope that you enjoy our woodwork when you come in and can overlook some of old bolt-holes and other clues that it had a colorful past life.

You must already know a bit by now of what guides my hand, my heart and my business practices.  You might also enjoy knowing that I was born into a Minnesota family filled with scientists, educators, farmers and business people, but trained as an herbalist in the Willamette Valley of Oregon and so I’ve got a special commitment to it. I insist on providing quality therapeutic grade herbs through Mrs. Thompson’s, and personally correctly identify each herb that arrives, making sure that the correct plant part has been harvested, that it was harvested in the right growth stage of the herb, that it is therapeutically fresh and of a superior quality. This is all determined by my training and experience in organoleptic testing skills, which is a process much like that used in wineries where inspecting, smelling, tasting, sensing and a bit of botany is used as well.

Guided by ancient wisdom, offering support for primal healing to happen and using modern chemistry to direct and inform all of my decisions, doing what I do is about keeping my community healthy and safe. I offer wholesome herbs and herbal extracts from right here where we live in the Pacific Northwest. I also help folks from all over,  shipping items with utmost care, most anywhere.

There is always a Clinical Herbalist on hand here at the apothecary, for guidance with your purchase or your project and most often it’s me.

347 W. 5th Ave. Eugene, OR 97401
(541) 686-6136 | email: celtic@efn.org
Apothecary hours Noon-6 p.m. Tuesday – Saturday

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