Heather’s Biography

A clinical herbalist, nutritionist, apothecary and instructor, she first learned herbalism and nutrition to recover from a medically incurable health condition. Apprenticed to a natural foods chef she then studied through the National Institute of Nutritional Education. Trained in trail-side botany and as an interpretive guide in the American National Park Service, her formal education continued at the Oregon School of Herbal Studies, Brighid’s Academy of Healing Arts, in a clinical internship with Master herbalist and Druid Gina McGarry and with tutelage from Naturalist and Scottish Elder Allister Brebner.

For twenty eight years Heather has been a health consultant, teacher and lecturer. In 1994 she opened the herbal apothecary Mrs. Thompson’s Herbs, Gifts & Folklore in America. In 2000 she opened the herbal apothecary Lusrach in the Highlands of Scotland, founded the Academy of Scottish Herbalism and began hosting guided herbal tours in Scotland. In 2010 she began teaching The Village Herbalist Independent Herbal Study Course. Having dedicated her life to sharing this wealth of knowledge, she has assisted thousands in reclaiming their own health process, in giving healing aid to their families and in becoming professional herbalists themselves. She has achieved international recognition in her field, teaching and lecturing internationally, and is consulted by Naturopaths, Midwives, lay and professional Herbalists, Sports Trainers and Medical Doctors. 

I am a clinical Herbalist and have been an instructor since 1989. I’ve taught at Los Angeles Harbor College, Los Angeles Mission College, as an interpretive guide in The U.S. National Park Service, at Unity by the Sea Church, Every Woman’s Village, The Highlands Recreation District (of San Mateo California),at Mrs. Thompson’s Herbs, Gifts And Folklore and at Brighid’s Academy of Healing Arts. Since 2001 I’ve taught in both Scotland and America as Director of The Academy of Scottish Herbalism, at the Spiritualist Church and Cheshire House in Scotland, at the University Of Oregon in the Sociology Department and the Outdoor Program, at Lane Community College and for the Confederated Tribes of Coos and Umpqua.

My practice is rooted in the community that I serve in Eugene as the apothecary of Mrs. Thompson’s Herbs, Gifts & Folklore since 1994 and as the Head of Faculty at the Academy Of Scottish Herbalism since the year 2000. I operated a small, retail apothecary called Lusrach in the Highlands of Scotland for 18 months, from the years 2000 to 2001. I have made herbal products under both Nic an Fhleisdeir Botanicals and Pictish Vision Incense labels.