Village Herbalist Course

Village Herbalist Independent Herb Study Course


With Clinical Herbalist Heather Nic an Fhleisdeir as your guide, this  intensive and comprehensive study of traditional and practical Herbalism, nutrition, health-promoting lifestyles, healing and aromatherapy includes correspondence directly with Heather on each lesson assignment and a signed certificate upon completion. It includes 18 lesson booklets, audio CDs, herbs and sample herb extracts for each of the 21 plant monographs.

These all original lessons are based on Heather’s 30 years as a clinical herbalist, 24 years as an apothecary, and the residential professional studies training course: Academy Of Scottish Herbalism. To read more about Heather’s qualifications as your instructor go to: Heather’s Biography

The lessons include pathology, addressing underlying causes, nutritional factors and dietary considerations, aromatherapy, lifestyle factors and metaphysical influences.

Anatomy and physiology portions of lessons are written in every-day language for comprehension and as an example of how to explain what is happening in the body to others. It introduces technical and scientific terms so as to be able to speak intelligently to health professionals and for better comprehension of standard A & P books. These A & P lessons are written specifically for the Herbalist.

Original recipes and personal step-by-step instructions for making them are included. An herbal formulary will accompany select lessons, with complete herbal monographs for select herbs including how to review, understand and utilize this research. Therapeutic grade quality herb samples of each monographed herb will accompany these lesson so you will also learn how how to discern therapeutic grade quality herbs, tinctures, oils and vinegars.

You will learn how to use organoleptics, apply chemistry, make extractions, and how to establish a home apothecary.

Herbalism history, philosophy and the herbalists ethics are included along with safe and legal uses of words and practice as an herbalist.

Planning, preparing and planting low maintenance and high productivity medicinal herb garden, tool selection, vocabulary, harvesting and drying techniques are all included.

Completion qualifies a student to grow medicinal grade herbs, create high quality herbal preparations and stock a home apothecary, perform self-care and family Herbalism, and it serves as a prerequisite Foundation to the Intermediate and Advanced levels of this course.

Although some of lessons can be completed in as little as a week, you may do this distance study at your own pace, taking time with each lesson and taking breaks, as the need arises.

To read a syllabus of the course go to: Village Herbalist Syllabus page

This Foundation Level of 18 lessons tuition: $525. in the US, Canada and Mexico $555. and Overseas $840. to cover the additional shipping costs.

To enroll, please  email: with Village Herbalist in the subject line. Include a short paragraph of 100 words or less introducing yourself and why this is the perfect time for you to begin this course. After you receive acceptance confirmation into the course, then phone Heather’s apothecary: Mrs. Thompson’s Herbs at 541-686-6136 from 12-6pm Tuesday through Saturday to pay tuition and complete enrollment. You may also pay tuition with a check or through Paypal. No refunds are available after any study materials are sent.

Lesson One of the course will be sent-out as soon as tuition is paid. After successfully completing and turning-in each lesson assignment, Heather will personally give you feed-back and guidance. You will then advance to the next lesson, which will be sent only after the previous lesson is successfully completed.


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